Fresh and Steamed to Order!


Our crabs are fresh and steamed to order!

Priced by the dozen

Sizes are based on both weight and size (As we all know, big crabs may be paper thin!)

We do not sell female crabs.

Crabs are sold by the half dozen or dozen.

Quantities are limited, so reserve early.

Small - $30

Medium - $50

Large - $70

Extra Large - $90

Jumbo - $110

Whale - $140

All-You-Can-Eat in the Dining Room:

AYCE crabs are on a First come, first served basis. We are unable to reserve AYCE crabs! Please be mindful of the number of refills ordered, as uneaten crabs cannot be taken home and must be thrown away. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration of this natural resource. We do reserve the right to limit the all you can eat time frame to two hours.

$32.95 per person

$14.95 for children 10 and under

Comes with AYCE homemade garlic rolls, French fries or

corn on the cob (seasonal).

Crabs are seasonal and may not always be available.